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CXA 3070 COB Led Emitter Lamp Light With Led Holder

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SKU:KW-LH-CXA3070 (In stock)

PET UO Led Holder
114W Cree CXA 3070


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CXA 3070 COB Led Light With Holder


Technical Parameters:


Diameter: 27.35 x 27.35MM
Viewing Angle: 115°
Emitting Color: EasyWhite
min. luminous flux: 8500
max. luminous flux: 9000
Kelvin : 5000K/3000K
drive current: 1925-2800 mA
Forward voltage: 38.5-42V
Max Power: 114W

Material:PET UO
Outer diameter: 56mm
Inner diameter: 25mm
High: 5mm
Hole distance: 38mm
USE:Cree series CXA3050,CXA3070

Ceramic COB supporting the use of fixed bracket method:
1, the thermal conductivity of GUI fat evenly on the back to use ceramic COB, then put into the COB flat lamp;
2, the fixed bracket on the ceramic COB, pay attention to the contact surface of the fixed bracket and COB should be correct and stable, while the pressure can not be too large.
Ceramic COB supporting the use of fixed bracket:
1, play the role of fixed COB;
2, to prevent the reflection of a short circuit phenomenon, because the reflective cup will be exposed to two solder joints, easy to cause a short circuit, which requires special attention;
3, can prevent the extrusion of the external force, protect the light source to avoid breaking.


Package Included:

1PC X CXA 3070 Led Lamp Light

1PC X Led Holder

Net Weight(g) 15
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