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Customize 5 Channel 25Leds DIY Aquarium Fish Tank Coral Grow Led Emitter Lamp Light

SKU:KW-25LED5C-SP (In stock)

For Aquarium Led Light

For Fish Tank Light


5 Channel 25Leds DIY Led Emitter Lamp Light


Technical Parameters:

Channel 1 (15V 350-1500mA) - 5 XTE Royal blue
Channel 2 (15V 350-1000mA) - 5 XPE2 blue
Channel 3 (15V 350-1500mA) - XTE 6500k+XTE 5000k+XTE 6500k+XTE 5000k+XTE 6500k
Channel 4(15V 350-1000mA) - 5 semiLED UV 420nm
Channel 5 (15V 350-1500mA) - 5 XTE royal blue


Package Included:

1PC X Customize Led

Net Weight(g) 126
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1 Review(s) for "Customize 5 Channel 25Leds DIY Aquarium Fish Tank Coral Grow Led Emitter Lamp Light"
I have come with this blend of leds after experimenting with different led colours and currents.
I have concluded that currently the best price/performance leds on the market are:
- Cree XTE for white and royal blue (Cree XPL are superior for whites, but much more expensive)
- Cree XPE2 for blue and far red
- Semileds for UV and near UV

I have decided to go for single type of leds on each channel to allow maximum performance of the led (mixing leds will result in using the current tolerated by the lowest current led).

There is no red and no cyan as the wavelengths are provided well by the neutral whites.

I run my chips at lower currents: 1000mA for Cree XTE white and royal blue, 700mA for Semileds and Cree XPE2 to ensure a longer life. This equates to a nominal max power of about 70W (maximum possible for the leds is 105W).

I have used two chips on a RSM130 led conversion. The constant current is provided by five MeanWell LDD-HW, power adapter is a 48V/3A 144W no-name adapter, cooling is provided by a 500x120x33mm heatsink and a 75mm ATI videocard centrifugal fan (12V, 0.8A). Controlling is done using a Blue Fish Mini controller.

Shortly (within the week) after replacing the RedSea T5 light with these leds, all my algae vanished (GHA weakened and let go of the rock and the microalgae on the glass just vanished). It also made coraline algae starting to show on rock (tank is more than one year old but coraline algae failed to stick to rock).

Now about the lights:
I have found them to be a little blue at 100% on all channels for the above currents (1000 and 700mA).
The best visual effect is with Whites, blues and UV at 100% and royal blues at 50% each. That being said, the corals love the equal ratios of each channel settings.

These lights are exactly what I was hoping they will be: a cheap alternative to AI Hydra 52HD (two chips are same power, about five times cheaper). For use in deeper tanks though, lenses would probably be needed. I am sorry I am not able to post some photos to give you a feel of how the reef tank looks under these leds.

About KiwiLighting: great instant response to any queries and weird requests, great safe packing, fast dispatch and short shipping times to UK.

I am a happy customer and I am thrilled my exact custom blend made it into a product, will save time when I'll order more. I wouldn't change anything to these lights.

In the description there is a tiny mistake:
Channel 1 (15V 350-1500mA) - 5 XPE Royal blue
They are XTE Royal Blue, XPE wouldn't tolerate more than 1000mA.
Dec 29, 2017
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