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8 Key RF Controller For RGB LED Light 3 Channels 4A/Ch Common Anode DC18V

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SKU:BY-CON-RF8B-CA-18V (In stock)

RF LED Controller
Output 3 channels 4A/Ch
common anode/cathode
DC 18V


8 Key RF Controller For RGB LED Light DC18V

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RF 8-key controller adopts the advanced micro-control unit,it is used for controlling a variety of lamp whose source of light is LED. For instance, point source of light,flexible strip light, wall washer lamp, glass curtain wall light and so on;It has power-fail memory, synchronized indicator light show and other functions. At the same time,it has many advantages such as low price, easy connection and simplicity to use. According to the actual need of customers,it can carry out jumpy changing,gradual changing,stroboflash and other effects of change.


Technical Parameters

  • Working temperature: -20-60℃
  • Supply voltage: DC5V, 12V ,18V, 24V(Order goods need marking out the required voltage)
  • Output: 3 channels
  • Connecting mode: common anode, common cathode
  • External dimension: L121*W75*H25 mm
  • Packing size: L*W*H mm
  • Net weight:
  • Gross weight:
  • Static power consumption: <1W
  • Output current: <4A(each channel)
  • Output power: 5V:<60W, 12V:<144W, 24V:<288W

External Dimension



Interface Specifications

Power input interface:
Adopt two sheath wires as connecting wires, meanwhile,brown wire→ + blue wire→ -
Load output interface:
Adopt four sheath wires as connecting wires,meanwhile,black wire→ + brown wire→R yellow wire→G blue wire→B


Direction for use

  • Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power;
  • Adopt film button and RF for controlling,there are 8 buttons in all, the funtion of each key as follows:
    1. Power Key(1): you could turn on/off controller at any time;
    2. Play/Mute Key(2): Play/pause button,it is convenient for you to see the static effection of led;
    3. S(3)+: The step of the speed change add 1 by each pressing;
    4. S-(4): The step of the speed change subtract 1 by each pressing;
    5. B+(5): A brightness control button,the step of the brightness add 1 by each pressing;
    6. B-(6): The step of the brightness subtract 1 by each pressing;
    7. M+(7): The NO. of patterns add 1 by each pressing;(refer to the following form)
    8. M-(8): The NO. of patterns subtract 1 by each pressing;
  • Standard changes funtion as the following form:
No. Patterns Remarks No. Patterns Remarks
1 Static red   Brightness is adjustable,Speed is unadjustable. 14 Blue stroboflash   Speed and Brightness are adjustable
2 Static blue 15 Purple stroboflash
3 Static purple 16 Green stroboflash
4 Static green 17 Yellow stroboflash
5 Static yellow 18 Cycan stroboflash
6 Static cyan 19 White stroboflash
7 Static white 20 R/B crossfade   Speed is adjustable, brightness is unadjustable
8 Three-color jumpy changing Speed and brightness are adjustable 21 B/G crossfade
9 Seven-color jumpy changing 22 G/R crossfade
10 Three-color gradual changing Speed is adjustable,brightness is unadjustable 23 fadeout and fadein in whole
11 Seven-color gradual changing 24 Random flashing  
12 Three-color running Speed and Brightness are adjustable 25 AUTO 1~24
13 Red stroboflash      

Typical Application




  • Supply voltage of this product is DC12-24V, never connect to AC220V.
  • Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.
  • Lead wire should be connected correctly according to colors that connecting diagram offers.
  • Warranty of this product is one year. in this period we guarantee replacement or repairing with no charge, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.
Net Weight(g) 277
Input Voltage DC 18V
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Dimension 162×138×47mm
Output Channels 3 Channels
Connection Mode Common Anode
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