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3mm LED Light blue Round Top White/WarmWhite/Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange/UV/Pink/RGB

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SKU:BY-LD3BL (In stock)

3mm LEDs,
VF 2.0~3.6V,
IF 20mA,
Round Lens


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3mm LED Light blue Round Top


Technical Parameters:

  • Optional Colors: Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Orange, Warm White, UV, Pink, Red, Red Blue,RGB,
  • Blinking: White, Warm White, Red, Red blue, Green, Blue
  • Forward Voltage: 2.0~3.6V(varies for different colors),
  • Forward Current: 20mA,
  • Max Continuous Forward Current: 24mA,
  • Max Peak Forward Current: 75mA,
  • Luminous Intensity: 3000~13000mcd(varies for different colors),
  • Lens shapes: Round Top, Flat Top,
  • Viewing Angle: 20~25 degrees for Round Top LEDs
  • Lens Color: water clear
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25°C ~ +85°C,
  • Preservative Temperature Range: -30°C ~ +100°C,
  • Lead Soldering Temperature: 240°C (<5Sec),

Specifications of each emitted color LED

  • Color, wavelength, VF, IF, MCD
  • Blue, 460~470mm, 3.2~3.4V, 20mA, 4500~7000mcd
  • White, N/A, 3.2~3.4V, 20mA, 18000~26000mcd
  • Green , 520~530nm, 3.2~3.4V, 20mA, 9000~13000mcd
  • Yellow, 585~595nm, 2.0~2.2V, 20mA, 4000~5000mcd
  • Orange, 600~605nm, 2.0~2.2V, 20mA, 4000~5000mcd
  • Warm White, N/A, 3.2~3.4V, 20mA, 3000~5000mcd
  • UV, 400~405nm, 3.2~3.4V, 20mA, 4000~5000mcd
  • Pink, N/A, 2.8~3.6V, 20mA, 3000mcd
  • Red, 620~ 630nm, 2.0~2.2V, 20mA, 4000mcd
  • Red Blue, N/A, 3.2~3.4V, 20mA, 4000~5000mcd
  • RGB, N/A, 3.2~3.4V, 20mA, 4000~5000mcd

Pre-wired LEDs
We also have pre-wired LEDs of 3mm 5mm 8mm 10mm LEDs, which, by adding different resistors, work at 5V 9V 12V 24V(input voltage).
Check the Pre-wired LEDs

Net Weight(g) 0.17
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +85°C
LED Amount(pcs) 1
Diamter 3mm
Is Blinking Not Blinking
Life Span 100,000 hours
Lens Color Water Clear
Shape Round
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