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20 watt LED Drivers
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  1. (12-18) X1W High Power IP67 Waterproof Led Driver DC36-65V 300MA Led Lighting Transformers

    INPUT:AC85-265V 50/60HZ 0.3A
    OUTPUT:DC36-65V 300MA±5%

  2. (15-24) x 1W Dimming Led Driver Input 85-265V Output 45-84V 280-300MA High Power Led Lighting Transformers

    INPUT:85-265V 50/60HZ
    OUTPUT:45-84V 280-300MA
    TC: 75°C TA:50°C(MAX)

  3. (4-6) x 3W IP67 Waterproof High Power Led Driver Input AC85-265V Output 12-22V 600MA Led Lighting Transformers

    INPUT:AC85-265V 0.3A
    OUTPUT:DC12-22V 600MA±5%

  4. 20W RGB LED Driver Output 12-22V 270mA Input AC 90-265V IP67 Waterproof Lighting Transformers

    20w RGB LED driver, output DC 12-22V 270mA, input AC 90-265V, IP67 waterproof, with IR controller,
  5. 30W~40W Constant Current LED Driver Input AC90v~240v Output DC20v-40v 1A

    LED Driver, input ac 90v~240v, output dc 20v-40v, 1A, CE certificate, Diameter: 70mm.
  6. 5 Mode 18W Cree MTG2 MT-G2 Led Driver 26x14MM Input DC12-15V Output DC18V 1000mA

    Input Voltage: DC12V~15V
    output voltage:DC18V
    Current: 1A
    Diameter: 26mm, Height:14mm
    5 Mode:low 5% - Medium 50% - Full 100% higher - Strobe-SOS

  7. 5 Mode 6V LED Driver For Cree XHP70 2 XHP-70 XHP70.2 LED Light

    Suitable for 1 *6V XH-P 70 in Series
    Work with 2-3 pcs batteries in Series
    Input Voltage: DC6V~14V
    output voltage:DC6V
    Current: 4.0A~4.8A
    Diameter: 32mm, Height::15mm
    5 Mode:low 5% - Medium 50% - Full 100% higher - Strobe-SOS

  8. 5 Mode Cree MKR MK-R 6V Led Driver Input DC7-15V Output 6V 2400mA Lighting Transformers

    Input Voltage: DC7V~15V
    output voltage:DC6V
    Current: 2.4A
    Diameter: 22mm, Height:11mm
    5 Mode:low 5% - Medium 50% - Full 100% higher - Strobe-SOS

  9. 8-12 Series 2 Parallel High Power IP67 Waterproof Led Driver

    INPUT:AC85-265V 50/60HZ 0.3A
    OUTPUT:DC24-43V 600MA±5%

  10. Cree MKR MK-R 6V 6000K Cold White Led Emitter Lamp Light + 5 Mode Led Driver

    Typical forward voltage (V) 5.85
    Viewing angle (degrees) 120
    Binning 85°C
    Kelvin : 6000K

  11. Cree MTG2 MT-G2 Warm White 3000K Led Emitter Lamp Light + 5 Mode MTG2 Led Driver

    Product Options 18 V
    Maximum Drive Current 1 A
    Maximum Power 18.5 W @ 85°C
    Light Output 1987.5 lm @ 18.5 W (85°C)
    Viewing Angle 115 °
    Typical Forward Voltage 17 V @ 370 mA (18 V)
    Package Size 20x 20 mm
    Kelvin 3000K

  12. Cree XHP50 XH-P50 Led Driver Input DC12-24V Iutput DC6V / DC12V Led Lighting Transformers

    Input Voltage: DC12V~24V
    output voltage:DC6V
    Current: 2-2.5A (DC6V)/ 1.4-1.5A(DC12V)
    Dimension:Diameter: 28mm, Height:6mm
    1 Mode=Full 100% higher

  13. DC 16.5V 1200mA 20W LED Driver Input AC 90v~240v Power Supply

    LED Driver, Output DC 16.5v 1200mA, Input AC 90v~240v, Fits 20w LED Lights,
  14. DC 40v~45v 300mA LED Driver - input 60v

    LED Driver, Output DC 40v~45v 300mA, Input 60v, Fits 60w LED Lights,
  15. IP67 Waterproof (15-20) X 1W Led Driver Output DC45-76V 300mA Input AC100-240V

    LED Driver, output DC 45v~76v 300mA, input AC 100v~240v, IP67 waterproof, TC: 75°C, TA:50°C, fits 15-20x 1W LEDs,
  16. Retail Mean Well LDD-H series LED Driver LDD-1000H LDD-700H LDD-600H LDD-500H LDD-350H LDD-300H

    LED Driver, Mean Well LDD-H series, Input DC 9v~56v, Output DC 2v~52v 300mA/350mA/500mA/600mA/700mA/1000mA, Constant current,
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