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T-4000 LED Controller - 4096-Pixel 4-Channel 1024-pixel/Ch Programable-with-SD-Card

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SKU:KW-CON-T-4000 (In stock)

T4000 LED Controller,
4096 pixels/ICs/LEDs,
4 Channels, 1024 pixel/Ch,
Programable with SD Card,
32~65536 gray level,
DC 5V,

T-4000 LED Controller - 4096-Pixel 4-Channel 1024-pixel/Ch Programable-with-SD-Card

  • 32~65536 gray level, support software Gamma correction
  • Support the rules and special-shaped handle
  • Four channels output, every channel can support 512-1024 pixels, total 4096 pixels/ICs/LEDs.
  • Off-line(SD Card) control, play back content stored in the SD card
  • The controller can save up to 16 files, copy the file into SD card in order
  • The file in SD card must be named: 00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led…….
  • Compatible with single and dual IC, if you control a single line IC LED lights, without being connected to the CLK line
Note: When T-4000 controller controls less than 512 lamps the frame rate can reach 30 fps. When T-4000 controls more than 512 lamps and less than 1024 lamps the frame rate will slow down automatically.

Supported ICs

  • TM1803,TM1804, T-4000-TM1803 4096pixels
  • TM1809,TM1812
  • TM1829 T-4000-TM1829 4096pixels
  • UCS1903,UCS1903B , T-4000-UCS1903 4096pixels
  • UCS1909,UCS1912
  • UCS2903,UCS2909,UCS2912, T-4000-UCS2903 4096pixels
  • UCS3903 T-4000-UCS1024 4096pixels
  • UCS6909,UCS6912, T-4000-UCS6909 4096pixels
  • UCS7009,UCS5903
  • TA9909 T-4000-TA9909 4096pixels
  • MBI6021 T-4000-MBI6021 4096pixels
  • WS2811 T-4000-WS2811 4096pixels
  • INK1003 T-4000-INK1003 4096pixels
  • TLS3100 T-4000-TLS3100 4096pixels
  • SM16711 T-4000-SM16711 4096pixels
  • SM16716 T-4000-SM16716 4096pixels
  • SM16726 T-4000-SM16726 4096pixels
  • LPD6803,D705,1101 T-4000-6803 4096pixels
  • LPD8806,LPD8809 T-4000-8806 4096pixels
  • LPD1882,LPD1889 T-4000-1882 4096pixels
  • LPD6812 T-4000-6812 4096pixels
  • LPD6813 T-4000-6813 4096pixels
  • P9813 T-4000-P9813 4096pixels
  • TM1903,TM1904,TM1909,TM1912 T-4000-TM1903 4096pixels
  • WS2801,WS2803 T-4000-WS2801 4096pixels
  • DS189 T-4000-DS189 4096pixels
  • TLS3001,TLS3008 T-4000-TLS3001 *pixels
  • APA102 T-4000-APA102 4096pixels
  • BS0815 T-4000-0815 4096pixels
  • GW6203 T-4000-GW6203 4096pixels
  • BS0825 T-4000-0825 4096pixels
  • BS0901 T-4000-0901 4096pixels

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Packing List

  • 1x T4000 LED Controller
  • 1x AC/DC Power adapter
  • 1x SD Card including 2013 LedEdit Software
Manufacturer Model t-4000
Input Voltage DC 5V
Output Channels 4 Channels
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