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Modbus RTU LED Controller RS485 Communication 3 Channel 4A/Ch DC12V-24V

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Modbus RTU LED Controller
RS485 communication
Output 3 channel 4A/Ch
Input DC 12v-24v


Modbus RTU LED Controller RS485 Communication 3 Channel 4A/Ch DC12V-24V 


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This product adopts the standard Modbus agreement for transmission dimmer signal to the LED light digital dimmer. Can with all sorts of configuration software communications, facilitate centralized control. Compared with the LED dimmer traditional way, with adjustable light range, high precision and can inquire LED the current state (e.g. on current brightness, etc), easy electric brightness integrated features. The product is mainly used in need of centralized control, widely applied to places of public buildings, stadium, exhibition center, shopping malls, villa, a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, hotels, office buildings, large supermarkets. System has stability, remarkable energy-saving characteristics. Just lighting control systems are concerned, this system design consideration is not only control lighting the lighting illumination scene combination; At the same time, also considering the system economics, reliability and practicability and system operation characteristics and the wholebuilding energy conservation of intelligence. Modbus RTU Lighting control system


Product feature

  • interface: RS485 communication
  • support agreement: Modbus RTU
  • work mode: Master--RTU_Slaver
  • station number: can set
  • supply voltage: DC12-24V
  • output: 3 channel
  • dimmer range: 0%-100%
  • net weight: 70g
  • gross weight: 95g
  • external dimension: L112.8mm*W72.3mm*H26.5mm
  • packing size: L145? W95 ? H50 mm
  • Load connection: ten line socket
  • Output current: <4A/CH
  • Output power: 12V:<144W, 24V:<288W
  • Work temperature: -20-60 degrees

External dimension

If users need to install equipment provided, please refer to below the appearance of mechanical sizes (metric units said), the drawing out the product the length, width and height, and part of the mechanical structure. FIG. 3-2 is guide installation seat size chart. Modbus RTU Lighting control system Modbus RTU Lighting control system


Hardware specifications

Modbus RTU Lighting control system

number signal directions
1 Data+ 485�signal�interface
2 Data- 485�signal�interface
3 V+ Power�positive�interface
4 V- Power�negative�interface
5 CH1+ The�first�channel�positive
6 CH1- The�first�channel�negative
7 CH2+ The�second�channel�positive
8 CH2- The�second�channel�negative
9 CH3+ The�third�channel�positive
10 CH3- The�third�channel�negative

Direction for use

factory parameters as below:

number item parameter
1 Station�number 1
2 Baud�rate 9600
3 Come�to�pass�way No
4 Data�bit 8
5 Work�mode Server

Before using controller have to know controller's communication parameter, otherwise we cannot process communication, parameters can through configure software Settings, controller has a control switch, when turn on it, can configuration, otherwise don't allow allows configuration. Detailed set the method is as follows.
Modbus RTU Lighting control system
Figure A - 1 lists users need to modify the four parameters, respectively is standing number, mode (only allow RTU), efficacy mode and baud rate. Figure have four button, open: open serial, closing: closed serial port (open button after effective start), sure: send set good parameter, exit: exit the configuration software. The controller through RS232 turn RS485 converters connected with the computer, set parameters in diagram, open serial port, then confirm parameter, just completed parameters configuration. This controller using Modbus agreement, can with all sorts of configuration software communication, through the configuration software friendly interface and easy operation, even if not understand programming users can also easily create their own exclusive lighting control system, the realization of each lamp visual control


Typical Applications

User use Modbus LED Controller equipment can easily access LED lamps and lanterns to 485 network, realize lamps and lanterns centrally controlled. ??Below is the typical application of Modbus LED Controller connect. Modbus RTU Lighting control systemcontroller through RS485 cable connected to control host, communication with host, slave station number at most up to 247.


Packing list

  • 1x Modbus RTU LED Controller

Resource Download

Net Weight(g) 141
Output Current(mA) 4,000
Input Voltage 12-24Vdc
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Dimension L112.8mm*W72.3mm*H26.5mm
Output Channels 3 Channels
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