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High Power LEDs, 1W/3W/5W/10W/20W/30W/50W/60W/100W/120W/150W/200W/300W/500W high power component LEDs.
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  1. Retail 3 Series 3 Parallel Epileds SMD3535 Purple UV Led Emitter Light 395NM-405NM 420NM Voliet Led Lamp Light

    Model Name: Epileds 3535
    Led Quantity: 9PCS
    Color: Purple
    Wavelength:395-405NM , 420NM
    DC Forward Voltage(VF): 9-11V
    DC Forward Current(IF): 900mA



  2. High Power SemiLEDs 5050 RGBW Led Emitter Light

    Red 620nm -630nm 80-113.6 2.1- 3.2
    Green 515nm -535nm 150-195 3.2- 4.2
    Blue 455nm -470nm 25-39.8 3.2- 4.0
    White 5000K- 7000K 180-220 3.2 -4.0

  3. High Power 200W Cree XP-G XPG White Led Emitter Lamp Light 6000-6500K 42-46V 2100-4500mA

    Cree XP-G LED, 42pcs white cree XP-G-R5 LEDs, 10000~20706lm, VF: 42-46V, IF: 2100~4500mA, 200 watt,
  4. Epistar + Epileds RGBW Led Emitter Light 4 Channel 300-600mA Led Module

    channel 1:3 Epistar white(6000k) 9-11V 
    channel 2:3 EPILEDS green(520nm) 9-11V 
    channel 3:3 EPILEDS red (620nm) 6-7V 
    channel 4:3 Epistar blue (460nm) 9-11V

  5. Epileds Deep Red 660NM For DIY Plant Grow Led Lamp Light On 8mm/12mm/14mm/16mm/20mm PCB Board

    Voltage: 202V

    Current: 350-700mA

    Luminous Intensity: 15-25LM

    For DIY Plant Grow Led Lamp Light

  6. Customize DIY 5 Channel Fish Tank Aqurium Led Lamp Light

    CH1: 10x CREE XP-E 6000K 30V 350-1000MA
    CH2: 10x CREE XP-E 450nm 30V 350-1000MA
    CH3: 5x EPILEDS 420nm, 5x EPILEDS 395nm 30-36V 350-600MA
    CH4: 10x CREE XP-E 450nm 30V 350-1000MA
    CH5: 10x CREE XP-E 10000K 30V 350-1000MA

  7. Cree XP-G2 LED 1-5w

    Cree XP-G2 LED, 1 LEDs, white 6000-6500K 500lm, warm white 3000K 490lm, VF: 3.0V-3.6V, IF: 350-1500mA, 1 - 5 watt,
  8. Cree XP-E 450NM 10000K 620NM 520NM + SemiLEDs UV 420nm Led Emitter Lamp Light

    DC Forward Voltage (VF): 29-30V
    DC Forward Current (IF): 1-3A

  9. Cree XLamp XT-E LED - 1 LED 1w~5w warm white/ neutral white/ cold white/ royal blue

    Cree XLamp XT-E LED, 1 LED, IF: 350-1500mA, VF: 2.85-3.3V, Colors: warm white, neutral white, cold white, royal blue, PCB diameter: 16mm, 20mm,
  10. Cree XLamp XPE XP-E 30W 5 Blue + 5 Green Mix Cyan Color 30-36V 1000mA LED Emitter Light

    Cree XP-E Blue+Green LED, 5 blue LEDs, 5 green LEDs, cyan color VF: 30-36V, IF: 1A, 30 watt,
  11. Cree XLamp XP-E LEDs - 1W-3W

    Cree XLamp XP-E LEDs VF 2.1 - 3.6V, IF 350 - 1000mA, 1W/3W, up to 291lm, colors: white, Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Green, Yellow PCB diameter: 16mm/20mm
  12. 60W-120W Cree XP-L XPL Led Emitter Lamp Light White 6500K 30-33V 2-4A

    Model Name: CREE XPL
    Emitted Color: 30PCS white 6500K
    DC Forward Voltage (VF): 30V-33Vdc
    DC Forward Current (IF): 2-4A

  13. 60W Philips LXW8-PW50-S3DR Led Emitter Light DIY Led Lamp Light

    60W Led Light 60W Led Driber 60W Led Heatsink
  14. 60W Cree XPE XP-E + Semileds DIY Led Emitter Lamp Light 30-36V 1500-2000mA Coral Fish Tank Led Light

    7pcs 450nm royal blue
    4pcs 470nm blue
    4pcs 10000K cool white
    4pcs 420NM UV
    1pcs 530nm green 

  15. 60W Cree XPE XP-E + SemiLEDs Led Emitter Lamp Light Aquarium Fish Tank Lamp

    2PC SemiLEDs UV 420nm
    6PC Cree XPE Cool White 10000k
    2PCS Cree XPE Red 630NM
    2PC Cree XPE Green 530NM
    8PC Cree XPE Royal Blue 450NM

  16. 5w high power LED-Round shape

    5w high power LED Round shape White/Red/Yellow/Orange/Blue/Green
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