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High Power LEDs, 1W/3W/5W/10W/20W/30W/50W/60W/100W/120W/150W/200W/300W/500W high power component LEDs.
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  1. 100w Cree XLamp XM-L2 LED Emitter - 10-LED 10000lm Warm/Neutral/Cold-White Copper Board,

    Cree XLamp XM-L2 LED Emitter, 100 watt, 10pcs LED, 10000lm, Warm/Neutral/Cold-White, DC 30v~36v, 3A, Copper Board,
  2. 100w Cree XP-G2 LED Emitter Light 30V~36V 3A 10000lm White 6000K~6500K Warm White 3000K

    Cree XP-G2 LED Emitter, 100 watt, 9800lm~10000lm, White 6000K~6500K/3000K, DC 30v~36v, 3A, 20 LEDs, 55*40*2mm,
  3. 100W Cree XT-E LED Emitter - 20-LEDs Warm/Cold-White

    Cree XT-E LED Emitter, 100 watt, 20 LEDs, Warm/Cold-White, DC 30~33v, 3000mA, 55*40*2mm PCB,
  4. 100W Philips White 5000K 6000-6500K Led Emitter Light DIY Led Lamp Light

    Power: 60-100W
    Voltage: 30-33V
    Emitter Color: White
    CCT:5000K /6000-6500k

  5. 10W 9-11V 900-1400mA Cree XP-E XPE + Epileds DIY Led Lamp Light 470NM 450NM 430NM

    3x Blue 470nm CREE XP-E
    3x BlueRoyal 450nm CREE XP-E
    3x Purple 430nm (EPILEDS)

  6. 10w Cree XLamp XM-L2 LED Emitter - 1-LED 1000lm Warm/Neutral/Cold-White

    Cree XLamp XM-L2 LED Emitter, 10 watt, 1pcs LED, 1000lm, Warm/Neutral/Cold-White, DC 3.75v, 3A,
  7. 10W Cree XP-L Led Emitter Light White 6500K 2.95-3.25V Max 3A On 16MM PCB

    Maximum power (W) 10
    Viewing angle (degrees) 125
    Binning 85°C
    Kelvin : 6500K

  8. 10w High Power RGB LED Emitter with 60/100/120-degree Lens

    RGB LED Emitter
    10 watt,
    VF: Red 6v~7v, Green&Blue 9v~11v,
    IF: 900mA
    Lumen: 350lm
    Lens Angle: 60° 100° 120°

  9. 10W Infrared IR 850NM Led Emitter Light 14-17V 350-700mA

    LED Emitter, Infra-red IR 850nm, VF 14v~17v, IF 350~700mA, 10pcs EPILEDS LEDs,
  10. 15W Cree XLamp MK-R MKR LED Emitter Light 1769lm White 6000K DC 12V 1.25/6V 2.5A On Copper PCB Board

    Cree XLamp MK-R LED Emitter, 1769lm @ 15W 85°C, White 6000K, DC 12V 1.25A/6V 2.5A, PCB diameter: 20mm,
  11. 1W - 3W Cree XP-E R2 LED Emitter Light 114LM Cool White 8000K-10000K

    Cree XP-E R2 LED Emitter, cool white 8000K-10000K, 114lm, 1w~3w, 3.2v~3.6v, 350mA~1000mA,
  12. 1w EPILEDS LED Emitter - 12mm/16mm/20mm-PCB

    EPILEDS LED Emitter, 1 LED, 1 watt, Red 2~2.5v 300~350mA 620~630nm, Blue 3~3.6v 300~350mA 460~470nm, PCB Diameter: 12mm/16mm/20mm,
  13. 1W Epistar LED Emitter Light White 6000-6500K 90LM 12mm/16mm/20mm PCB

    Epistar LED Emitter, 1 LED, 1 watt, 90lm, DC 3-3.6V 300-350MA, Cold White 6000K-6500K, PCB Diameter: 12mm/16mm/20mm,
  14. 200W Cree XP-G2 XPG2 Warm White 3000K White 6000K High Power Led Emitter Lamp Light 42-46V 4.5A 21000LM

    42 pcs Cree XP-G2 LEDs, white 6000-6500K, 10000-21000lm, VF: 42-46V, IF: 2100mA~4500mA, 200 watt, PCB dimension: 82*66*3mm,
  15. 3 Series 3 Parallel High Power 10W Epistar 3535 White Led Emitter Light 6000-6500K 9-11V 900mA DIY Led Lamp Light

    Model Name: Epistar 3535
    Led Quantity: 9PCS
    Emitter Color: White
    Color Temperature:6000-6500K
    DC Forward Voltage(VF): 9-11V
    DC Forward Current(IF): 900mA

  16. 300w CREE XLamp XP-G LED 37000lm 3000K-6500K Copper-PCB

    CREE XLamp XP-G, 80 XP-G-R5 LEDs, DC 30V~32V, 6A~10A, 300 watt, 37040LM natural white 6000K~6500K, warm white 3000K~3500K,
  17. 30W Cree XP-E Blue+Green+Royal Blue LED Grow Light

    Cree XP-E LED Grow Light, 3 blue + 4 green + 3 royal blue LEDs, DC 30v~35v 1000mA, 30 watt,
  18. 30W Cree XPE XP-E 450nm Royal Blue 470nm Blue 620nm Red 6000K White EPILEDS 660NM Red Led Emitter Plant Flower Growing Light

    30W Cree XPE XP-E, 450nm Royal Blue,470nm Blue 620nm Red,6000K White, EPILEDS 660NM Red Led, Emitter Plant Flower Growing Light
  19. 30W DIY Led Aquarium Led Lamp Light Cree XPE XP-E + SemiLeds UV 420NM

    1PC SemiLEDs UV 420nm
    3PCS Cree XPE Cool White 10000k
    1PC Cree XPE Red 630NM
    1PC Cree XPE Green 530NM
    4PC Cree XPE Royal Blue 450NM

  20. 36W 4 Channel 12Leds DIY Led Lamp Light Cree XP-L + XP-E 6 Epileds

    CH1: 3x CREE XP-L 6500K 9V 700-3000MA
    CH2: 1x CREE XP-E Green 520nm, 1x CREE XP-E Red 620nm, 1x CREE XP-G2 3000K 8V 350-1000MA
    CH3: 1x EPILEDS 430nm, 1x CREE XP-E 450nm, 1x CREE XP-E 10000K 9-10V 350-600MA
    CH4: 3x CREE XP-L 6500K 9V 700-3000MA

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