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High Power LEDs, 1W/3W/5W/10W/20W/30W/50W/60W/100W/120W/150W/200W/300W/500W high power component LEDs.
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  1. 10W 9-11V 900-1400mA Cree XP-E XPE + Epileds DIY Led Lamp Light 470NM 450NM 430NM

    3x Blue 470nm CREE XP-E
    3x BlueRoyal 450nm CREE XP-E
    3x Purple 430nm (EPILEDS)

  2. 10w Cree XLamp XM-L2 LED Emitter - 1-LED 1000lm Warm/Neutral/Cold-White

    Cree XLamp XM-L2 LED Emitter, 10 watt, 1pcs LED, 1000lm, Warm/Neutral/Cold-White, DC 3.75v, 3A,
  3. 10W Cree XP-L Led Emitter Light White 6500K 2.95-3.25V Max 3A On 16MM PCB

    Maximum power (W) 10
    Viewing angle (degrees) 125
    Binning 85°C
    Kelvin : 6500K

  4. 10W Cyan 490nm-495nm LED Emitter Light DC 9V-10V 1050mA 490-495NM

    10W LED Emitter, Cyan 490nm-495nm, VF DC 9v~10v, IF 1050mA, 9 LEDs on square PCB,
  5. 10W High Power Infrared IR 940nm LED Emitter Light 14-17V 350-700mA

    LED Emitter, Infra-red IR 940nm, VF 14v~17v, IF 350~700mA, 10 watt,
  6. 10W High Power LED Round-shape

    Round shape 10W High Power LED 12 optional emitting colors
  7. 10w high power LED Square-shape

    Square shape, 10w high power LED Emitter, optional colors: White Red Yellow Orange Blue Green RGB UV
  8. 10w High Power RGB LED Emitter with 60/100/120-degree Lens

    RGB LED Emitter
    10 watt,
    VF: Red 6v~7v, Green&Blue 9v~11v,
    IF: 900mA
    Lumen: 350lm
    Lens Angle: 60° 100° 120°

  9. 10W Infrared IR 730NM Led Emitter Light 17-20V 350-700mA

    10w IR 730nm LED Emitter, VF: 17v~20v, IF: 350mA~700mA, 10 LEDs,
  10. 10W Infrared IR 850NM Led Emitter Light 14-17V 350-700mA

    LED Emitter, Infra-red IR 850nm, VF 14v~17v, IF 350~700mA, 10pcs EPILEDS LEDs,
  11. 10W Red Blue LED Grow Light

    10w, 10 LEDs, 4 red LEDs, 6 blue LEDs, VF 9-11 V, IF 1A
  12. 10w White 6000K + Blue 465nm LED Emitter - 9-LEDs W:B 3:6/5:4/6:3

    10w Blue+White LED Emitter, Cold White 6000K, Blue 465nm, LED config: White:Blue 3:6/5:4/6:3, VF 9v-11v, IF 900mA,
  13. 10w white and warm white LED emitter

    6 White LEDs 6000K-7000K, 3 Warm White LEDs - 3100K-3300K, 800LM, 9V-11V DC, 1A
  14. 10w white blue LED Grow Light

    Emitted Color: Blue White, 9 LEDs(3 Blue , 6 White), VF 9V ~ 11V, IF 1A
  15. 15W Cree XLamp MK-R MKR LED Emitter Light 1769lm White 6000K DC 12V 1.25/6V 2.5A On Copper PCB Board

    Cree XLamp MK-R LED Emitter, 1769lm @ 15W 85°C, White 6000K, DC 12V 1.25A/6V 2.5A, PCB diameter: 20mm,
  16. 3 Series 3 Parallel High Power 10W Epistar 3535 White Led Emitter Light 6000-6500K 9-11V 900mA DIY Led Lamp Light

    Model Name: Epistar 3535
    Led Quantity: 9PCS
    Emitter Color: White
    Color Temperature:6000-6500K
    DC Forward Voltage(VF): 9-11V
    DC Forward Current(IF): 900mA

  17. 60W-120W Cree XP-L XPL Led Emitter Lamp Light White 6500K 30-33V 2-4A

    Model Name: CREE XPL
    Emitted Color: 30PCS white 6500K
    DC Forward Voltage (VF): 30V-33Vdc
    DC Forward Current (IF): 2-4A

  18. Cree XML-T6 LED emitter 10w 850lm

    Cree XML-T6 LED, 3w - 10w, 300lm - 850lm, 0.7A - 3A, 3.7V, white/warm white, PCB diameter: 16mm/20mm,
  19. High Power 10W Epileds 3535 9Leds Led Emitter Lamp Light Infrared IR 940NM/730NM 4-5V 1000mA

    Voltage: 4-5V
    Current: 1000MA
    Power: 10W
    Emitter Color: 940NM/730NM

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