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Product Description

Infrared SD card RGB controller using advanced computer control chip to control all the led lighting lamps and lanterns, for example: the point light source, soft light wall lamp, washing, glass curtain wall lamp, etc. Using infrared remote control, choose pattern files, adjust rate of change, pause, looping, electric storage and switch function. System power search SD card all the “*. LED” file and press the file name from small to large order, read and play the last saved file and mode. Users can choose change pattern. After select all the files, and then press the select key file added to cycle through the pattern file. Its wiring, flexible connection is convenient, simple to use. It can realize the jump, the gradation, the frequency, the horse race, running water and so many effect, according to the customer physical demand. User can also edit the data flies through the incidental pattern editing software(Led Editor v1.0), kinds of change pattern , easy to use , The specific method of editing software see instructions.


  • working temperature: -20-60
  • supply voltage: DC12-24V
  • maximum number of documents pattern:16
  • external dimension :L128ΧW64ΧH24 mm
  • packing size :L160ΧW95ΧH50 mm
  • net weight : 140g
  • gross weight: 175g
  • static power consumption :<1W
  • Frame frequency:1–25 frames per second
  • output: three-Channel MOS with open-drain output
  • output current:<4A(each channel)
  • output power: 12V:<144W, 24V:<288W

External Dimention


Saddles buttons Specifications


Interface Specifications


Direction for use

  • 1. Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power.
  • 2. There are six keys on the remote controller panel, the function of each key as follows:
    1. 1). ON/OFF: you could turn on/off controller at any time;
    2. 2). PAUSE: In the open controller outputs condition, it can press this button to stop and display the current state of output, and easy to observe.
    3. 3). S+: In the open controller outputs and non-suspended state, it can increase frame frequency through this button, the maximum frame frequency for 25 frames per second.
    4. 4). S-: In the open controller outputs and non-suspended state, it can reduce frame frequency through this button, the minimum frame frequency for 1 rames per second.
    5. 5). M+: In the open controller outputs and no pause condition, it can choose by the order of the play button up designs files. To preserve in SD card “*.LED” number, press this button again for looping SD card of pattern files, circulation patterns from the document. After Looping, if pressed again ,it will jump back to the first pattern files.
    6. 6). M-: In the Open controller output and non-suspended state, it can choose the broadcast buttons down the order pattern files.
  • 3. Make sure SD card is formatted (FAT32) .
  • 4. Without SD card or SD card reset is not successful, the system plays pre-change programs (seven-color transitions), and the green indicator light is off of (when the green light to follow the normal playback speed of the flash), the user can through this phenomenon to determine fault. If no card plugged in card status, please re-power on reset.
  • 5. After the power, the controller will search the SD card store all led files from small to large order. choose file and press this sequence execution. Therefore, in the SD card in the file name can refer to the drawing of naming, so that in the choice of file name by changing the number before the pattern can change the corresponding file in all the files in the sequence.


  • 6. If you want to put out the SD card ,please power off first, otherwise the SD card will be broken
  • 7. The controller supports the maximum number of valid documents led is 64, that is, when the SD card in the number of files saved led more than 64,only the first search to the document 64 files as a valid document.
  • 8. All parameters in the factory prior to the user’s use of the environment and requirements of the configured parameters, edit the data if the user needs its own pattern files, please read the attached documents.

Typical Application

Applied circuit 1:


Applied circuit 2:


Packing List

  • 1x SD card Controller
  • 1x Wireless Remote Control (12V 23A Alkaline Battery is not included)

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