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I. Product Summarization

.Product constitute

1. LED-WiFi Controller It is the core of product, responsible for receive control signal and control LED equipment.
2. RF remote control In the condition of not use the mobile phone as remote control, you can choose RF remote control to control LED.
3. A disk Include IOS operating system and Android operating system mobile soft.

2. Summarization Use WiFi technology can make our control range more wider, can get rid of narrow space constraint, in building can control more than 50m, in outdoor can control more than 100m. In the condition of not use the mobile software, also can use the remote control to control, very convenience, bring many choices for you.

II. Technical Parameters

1. Remote control technical parameters

  • 1: Working temperature: -20-60?
  • 2: Power supply method: AAA*3
  • 3: Supply voltage: 1.5V*3
  • 4: Standby power: 0.015mW
  • 5: Standby current: 3uA
  • 6: Working current: 200uA
  • 7: Emission current: 10mA
  • 8: Remote control distance: about 50m
  • 9: Standby time: 6 month

2. Software technical parameters

  • 1: Name: Dream Color
  • 2: Runtime platform: Android version support Android system(better one can support Samsung,
  • HTC), IOS version support IOS system, equipment must have WiFi function.
  • 3: Language: English
  • 4: Category: communications
  • 5: Free, green, no plug-ins

3. Controller technical parameters

  • 1: Working voltage: DC5–24V
  • 2: Output control: SPI signal output
  • 3: Output current: 4A*3
  • 4: Connect mode: SPI signal wires(DATA, CLK)
  • 5: External dimension: L107*W65*H30?mm?
  • 6: Receiving sensitivity: 802.11b DSSS(-5dBm)?802.11b CCK (-10dBm)?802.11g �OFDM(-15dBm)

III. LED-WiFi Controller Function Instruction

1.Working state instruction

Indicator light

Function table


Power indicator light, long-time bright shows power supply normally


Free time long-time bright, have wifi data enter flicker, configuration wifi Ssid off


Have wifi date enter, then flicker, no wifi data, then off.


Have RF remote data or press key operate, then flicker, free time off.

2.Setting SSID number

The dial code is used for setting LED-WiFi controller Ssid number, corresponding table as below. Form 0 to 15, have 16 code in total, so our Ssid number fasten to LN001 to LN016. That means use our product in same small area can set 16 mutual isolation LAN, once the dial code changed after switch was dialed,�Ssid number immediately be modified, so you need to note that it need to search and connect again.

















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