Apr 102014

WiFi LED Dimmer,
AC 85~260V/50-60Hz,
Touch Panel,
a safer, more comfortable and convenient intelligent lighting control.

Downlaod User Guide

Product Description

  WF111 dimmer is another wifi high dimmer independently developed by our company, following our WF series of low pressure dimmer. WF111 succeeds the advantages of low pressure dimmer, and more powerful, more flexible to use, when using, you do not need to switch wireless networks, it is more convenient to be on internet. You can choose encrypt network or open network. Upgrade software integration WiFiManager function makes network configuration of WF111 more convenient, you can independently choose wireless network just by mobile phone,no need to use the computer. Combined our independently developed mobile software Touchhome with controller, which makes WF111 more convenient to control.
Through the use of WIFI technology, it provides more comfortable, safer and more convenient intelligent lighting control than traditional lighting control, optimizes the lighting control methods, which brings a new, comfortable lighting environment to users.

Technical Parameters

Software technical parameters

  • 1. Name: Touch Home
  • 2. Runtime platform:ios(iphone,ipad),Android(phone,pad, equipment must have WiFi function.
  • 3. Language: English, Chinese
  • 4. Category: communication

dimmer technical parameters

  • 1. Working voltage: AC85~260V/50-60Hz
  • 2. Working temperature: -20-60℃
  • 3. Working power consumption: about 2W
  • 4. Dimming method: trailing edge
  • 5. Packing size: L90*W90*H40(mm)
  • 6. External dimension: L86*W86*H37(mm)
  • 7. Controller weight: 160g
  • 8. Gross weight: 210g

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