Apr 072014

RGBW Amplifier
4 channels, 6A/Ch,
DC 5V or 12~24V,
Common anode,

Product Description

This 4 circuit Aluminum shell RGBW amplifier is suitable for all kinds of constant voltage led controller. It can enlarge the led controller signal,and can receive the PWM(pulse width modulation) to output the signal ,then it can make the same effect with the controller.when add each additional amplifier, can connect and controlled twice more LED lights.theoretically , one controller can connector with thousands of this RGB amplifier, and can make the same effect.

Technical Parameters

  • Working temperature:-20~60°C
  • Input voltage:DC5V,DC12~24V Optional
  • Output:4 circuit
  • Connection mode:Common anode
  • product’s size:L81*W64*H24mm
  • package size:L115*W70*H35mm
  • Net weight:90g
  • Gross weight:110g
  • Static power consumption:<1W
  • Output current:<6A/CH
  • Output power: 5V:<120W, 12V:<288W, 24V:<576W

Downlaod User Guide


Buy at KiwiLighting.com: RGBW LED Signal Amplifier 4-channel 6A/Ch common-anode

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