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With advanced micro-computer control technology, this DMX512 Decorder convert the widely used DMX512/1990 signal to analog signal. Support DMX dimming function (prior) and 0-10V analog signal dimmer.


  • Decode CH.: 1
  • Input Signal: DMX-512/1990 digital signal
  • Output Signal: 0~24V,can drive 6A
  • Power Supply: DC12~24V
  • Power Dis.: <1W
  • Power Output: <144W
  • Operating Temp.: 0~70℃
  • Size: L153(mm)*W41(mm)*H25(mm),can be custom-made
  • Weight: 221.5g


  • Meets DMX512/1990
  • 1 output CH.,can drive 6A
  • With control system,can express perfect effect
  • Can set the DMX addess freely
  • Modularizing,can be combined with LED module neatly
  • Can be custom-made





  • (1) DMX signal input&output interface( RJ45)
  • (2) Address setting interface
  • (3) Driver output interface
  • (4) Power input interface
  • (5) 0~10V dimmer input interface

Interface Introduction




Connecting of DMX-512 Signal

The wire for DMX signal is STP,the DMX signal has positive and negative signal. Pay attention to the polarity while soldering.Connect the positive signal,negative signal and GND to the corresponding signal of PX24600.

Connection with DMX-512 Dimmer

DMX dimming signal will be choosen prior to 0~10V analoge signal. When both DMX and 0~10V analog signal terminals are pluged into PX24600, the controller will choose DMX signal automatically. If you need 0~10V analog signal only, please take off the DMX512 dimming signal terminal.

How To Use

PX24600 is controlled by DMX-512 digital signal。The frontage is DMX512 transmitter, take EC-DMX512 for example, to control 0~24V analog devices.We suppose to drive LED to introduce it. The connecting is below:

Connectiong to DMX512 Controller


Connectiong to 0~10V Analog Signal Dimmer


Packing List


Buy at PX24600 DMX512/1990 Controller DC-12V-24V 1-Channel-6A

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