Apr 112014

PX24500 LED Controller,
fit DMX512/1990 IC,
DC 12~24V,
3 channels, 5A/Ch,
Common Anode.

Downlaod User Guide

Product Description

PX24500 is controlled by DMX-512 digital signal. The frontage is DMX512 transmitter. With advanced micro-computer control technology,PX series convert the widely used DMX512/1990 signal to analog signal.Can choose 1~3 output channel,256-level brightness control.For connecting of light console and analog device,or lighting&building lamps controlling.

  • Meets DMX512/1990
  • 256-level brightness,full-color control
  • 3 output CH.,can drive 5A(Each CH.)
  • With control system,can express perfect effect
  • Can drive 1~3 channel of each lamp
  • Can set the DMX addess freely
  • Modularizing,can be combined with LED module neatly
  • Can be custom-made

Technical Parameters

  • Working temperature: -20- 60 DegC
  • Supply voltage: DC 12V-24V
  • Output current: each channel <5A
  • Output power: 12V: 180W, 24V: 360W
  • Output: 3 Channels
  • Connection mode: Common Anode
  • Product size: L175 x W41.5 x H33.5mm

Buy at KiwiLighting.com: PX24500 DMX512/1990 Controller 3-Channel 5A/Ch DC-12V-24V

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