Feb 272014

RGB PWM Signal Amplifier for 5050-RGB-SMD-LED-Strip-Light

RGB Amplifier can adjust to all the voltage-controlled LED controller we have, it could accept PWM (Pulse Width Module), Each one RGB amplifier can be added, the connecting number of LED will up to more than twice.

  • Input Voltage: DC 5V/12V/24V
  • Output: 3 channels,
  • Output Current: 0~4A per channel,
  • Max Output Power: 60W@5V, 144W@12V, 288W@24V,
  • Connecting Mode: Common Anode/Common Cathode
  • Static Power Consumption: <1W
  • Working Temperature: -20 ~ +60 DegC
  • Compatible with 5050-RGB-SMD-LED-Strip-Light

Direction for Use
According to the screen prompts of RGB amplifier on the panel, connect the in/out signal wire by order, ensure short circut can not occur between wire. then connect power wire for RGB amplifier.


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