Dec 052013

Nikkiso Co., Ltd., a maker of deep UV LEDs based in Japan, has announced that it has initiated shipments of commercial LED product samples emitting at a range of wavelengths in the UVB and UVC spectral regions for industrial, biomedical, and environmental applications. The company offers several power levels and package types to meet a wide variety of applications. Nikkiso is also working closely with customers in several market segments to develop customized product solutions.

UVB and UVC LEDs offer substantial advantages over UV lamps including mercury free operation, direct on-off modulation and instantaneous analog power control, compact and lightweight form factor, flexible emission wavelength, directional illumination, low voltage and direct current drive. Applications of UVB and UVC LEDs include biomedical instrumentation and dermatology, curing of industrial resins and inks, and air purification and water sterilization.

Nikkiso’s proprietary semiconductor technology enables power levels up to 40mW per package. The company says that its customized multichip assemblies are capable of emitting more than 1W. The devices can be utilized in stand-alone light sources, or integrated seamlessly as OEM components into end customers’ final product solutions.

About Nikkiso



Industrial Division

  • Manufacture and sales of fluid equipment for process industries
  • Manufacture and sales of water conditioning systems for thermal and nuclear power plants

Precision Equipment Business Division

  • Manufacture and sales of particle size characterization
  • Manufacture and sales of ceramic substrate fabrication process equipment and production systems
  • Manufacture and sales of water and air purification systems and other utility equipment

Aerospace Division

  • Manufacture, sales, and consulting for carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) products, such as aircraft components and carbon nanotube

Medical Division

  • Manufacture and sales of hemodialysis machines, dialyzers, blood tubing sets, blood glucose controller, and powder dialysate for hemodialysis treatment

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