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As a result of technological advancement, LED grow light is becoming famous particularly for hydroponics and indoor gardening. Its importance on the plant industry especially in growing wheat grass, strawberries, Marijuana  and lettuce is being acknowledged all over the world. Several manufacturers take part in the continuous research that leads to growth of LED grow light on the market. Currently, such type of lighting is known as a means of raising more plants in small, compact spaces.

To Whom LED Grow Light is Designed For?

Generally, high intensity discharge or HID lights are used by people who grow their plants indoors. These lights work really well but they are a bit bulky and use a high amount of electricity. That’s why, the commercial growers use LED grow light, a substitute for HID lights when sunlight is not adequate. They observed that the plants grow plusher, taller and the flowering process is much better.

LED grow light can also be useful for aquarium and reef lighting as this kind of lighting helps in producing brilliant colors of plant life both in fresh water and saltwater conditions.

Why LED Light is More Preferable in Grow light?

Many companies claim that such type of lighting is better than HID lights and here are the reasons why:

  • – LED grow light is capable of emitting precise wavelengths, meaning the plants absorb greater quantity of light. What’s more, it can convert the light to become energy that is essential in successful growth of vegetation.
  • – LED grow light just uses the needed electricity to be effective, thus it doesn’t waste any energy when compared with normal lights. For instance, green light isn’t necessary by the plants. And they are programmable so to only produce the needed colors for the plants to flower, vegetate and fruit.
  • – This type of lighting has very long shelf life. It lasts around 50,000 to 60,000 hrs when compared with HID lights that just last around 17,000 hrs or a standard bulb that last for 2,400 hrs.
  • – Since HID lights require heat to be effective, they generate lots of heat that can lead to wasted energy and fire hazards. LED grow light, alternatively, produces less heat even when used for a long time. As you can see, plants react to heat in a different way. Therefore the manufacturers of LED lighting systems make sure that plants receive only the needed light spectrum to grow.
  • – Using such type of lighting is easy because it does not require ballast like the traditional lighting systems. You just need to plug it on your wall using your regular cord.


LED grow light is known as an excellent tool for indoor gardening and used in promoting plant’s early growth and flower production. Even so, you need to keep in mind this is a product that varies from one manufacturer to another and it is very important to do some research so that you’ll know which kind of LED grow light is ideal for the kind of plants you are trying to grow.

The following link is how one of our customers DIY his LED Grow kits(use our 30W Cree LED grow light ) to grow Marijuana:


If you are still confused about DIY hydroponics, please do not wait any longer. Visit this very informative website to find out more about DIY hydroponics kits and LED grow lighting systems.

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