Nov 052013

I searched Google News and found “LumaGlo introduced the world first Bluetooth Controlled LED Strip Light”. “the world first” surely attracts readers’ attention. But after reading, I found this news is no more than an AD. The Bluetooth controllers are nothing new, and they are not so cool as WIFI controllers or NFC controller. In fact I like IR Infrared Remote Control more. They only build in the LED controller in the strip and add a battery interface. Yesterday I introduced how to DIY a stylish LED dog leashes & Collars, and DIY a mobile phone controlled portable LED light strip is only one step more. I think LED DIYer can make one this kind of portable “On the Go” LED strip light themselves.

Things you will need for DIY:

Below is the report of “The world first Bluetooth Controlled LED Strip Light”

With consumers eagerly adopting device-driven, hi-tech products more than ever, LumaGlo Freedom Lighting is right on time. This LED lighting strip system is fully customizable, allowing users the freedom to choose the length, color, pattern, intensity, even the power source—and it’s all controlled from an iPhone or Android device.



LumaGlo developed a Bluetooth-enabled, LED strip controller that connects the phone wirelessly to the lights, allowing the user total control over their system. Turn on, off, dim, brighten, or even set timers. Users can choose up to 16 million colors, even in real time by dragging their finger along the color wheel. Each LED is individually addressable, giving the ability to choose dynamic patterns and color combinations. It comes in a variety of lengths, including 1ft, 2ft and 5ft, all of which are linkable up to 10ft. Greater lengths can be achieved at reduced brightness.

LED lighting strips are a brilliant invention that gives users the ability to illuminate spaces in ways that could never be done with the light bulb. However, the existing products on the market suffered severe limitations. They were controlled with a generic remote that only allowed the user to choose a handful of colors and simple patterns, and every LED had to be the same color. Stands weren’t linkable and if you wanted a shorter length, it had to be cut, throwing a part of the investment away. “With today’s technology, we couldn’t figure out why those lights were still being controlled like the dark ages,” explained Randy Lathrop, co-founder. “We knew there was a better way, and we began working to develop a product that solved all of those problems.”

LumaGlo didn’t stop there. They took it one step further and developed a modular power option. “Users can plug in a rechargeable battery and transform their installed applications to ‘On the Go’ portable uses. LumaGlo can be used to increase visibility, to be seen in clubs or at raves, decorate a skateboard or bike, or even use at events or ceremonies,” explained Ward Ramsdell, co-founder. Other uses include under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting, hallway illumination, brightening retail space, and much more.

“What we’re most excited about is that we’ve developed the first lighting system that is truly universal—it’s installable AND wearable,” said Jill Saucedo, Co-founder. “It can be used to decorate with light in the residential setting, attract customers in commercial spaces or gain visibility with the ‘On the Go’ portable options.”

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