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This is a full-color LED control system which uses indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. This control system can fulfill 256 grey levels for each R, G, B color. With the wireless remote controller, you can achieve the mode change and speed adjustment very conveniently. There are 30 modes and 8 levels of speed you can choose, and with the pause function, you can keep the fixed color optionally.

Technical Parameter

  • Input voltage:12VDC(Include 220V/110VAC to 12VDC adapter)
  • Power consumption:5W, 32KB
  • Output channel:1 port
  • Transmission interface:DMX512(1990)
  • Transmition speed: 250Kbps
  • Pixels: 50 pixels,170 pixels max.
  • Remote distance:50M
  • SIZE:116*80*47mm
  • G.W.:0.6KG

Lamp type can be controlled: Wallwashing light, Tube light, Cube light, Underground…
Fixed 30 modes, such as flash, fade, streamy, chase, etc.Input Voltage: DC 12V


  • Meets DMX512(1990)
  • Wireless remote Controller
  • 256 levels of grey, totally 16.77 million colors, really full color
  • Various modes with Pause function
  • Eight different speed level
  • Automatic parameter memory
  • Various output interface, XLR-3 Male Female, RJ45
  • Convenient for wiring and installation
  • Good function at anti-jamming and auto-resumption

Dimension Diagram


Back Panel Instruction


Button Function of Remote Controller


  • A-Mode: Change mode by pressing this button
  • B-Pause: Keep the fixed color by pressing this button
  • Press it again to continue changing
  • C-Speed+: Speed up by pressing this button (default: Fastest speed level 1)
  • D-Speed-: Speed down by pressing this button

Mode Instruction

  • Mode 1: Fixed Red
  • Mode 2: Fixed Green
  • Mode 3: Fixed Blue
  • Mode 4: Fixed Yellow
  • Mode 5: Fixed Light Blue
  • Mode 6: Fixed Purple
  • Mode 7: Fixed White
  • Mode 8: Seven color fade
  • Mode 9: Full color fade
  • Mode 10: Rainbow changing
  • Mode 11: Water flowing
  • Mode 12: Tail Chase
  • Mode 13: Color stack
  • Mode 14: Chase(Blue, Purple)
  • Mode 15: white single color fade-over
  • Mode 16: Six color fade(single color fade-over each time)
  • Mode 17: Red, green blue fade (single color fade-over each time)
  • Mode 18: Red green fade(single color fade-over each time)
  • Mode 19: Red blue fade(single color fade-over each time)
  • Mode 20: Green Blue fade (single color fade-over each time)
  • Mode 21: Red single color fade
  • Mode 22: Green single color fade
  • Mode 23: Blue single color fade
  • Mode 24: Seven color jumping changing
  • Mode 25: Six color jumping changing
  • Mode 26: R,G,B three color jumping changing
  • Mode 27: Red green two color jumping changing
  • Mode 28: Red blue two color jumping changing
  • Mode 29: Green blue two color jumping changing
  • Mode 30: White jumping changing(dark to bright)

Wiring Diagram


Packing List

  • 1 X DMX512/1990 Controller
  • 1 X 4-button remote controller (1x 12V 23A ALKALINE BATTERY is not included)
  • 1 X 12V 1A Power Adapter
  • 1 X 1M RJ-11 Cable
  • 1 X XLR-3 male connector
  • 1 X User Manual

Download User Guide


Buy at DMX100 LED Controller DMX512-1990 30-Modes RGB-16-million-color DC-12V IR-Remote-Control

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