Nov 072013


Retail refrigerated displays will come to life with better color and reduced glare and heat with Amerlux’s SlimBar LED. The new luminaire beautifies packaging with consistent light levels while reducing energy consumption by nearly 50 percent in supermarkets and other grocery retailers.

Amerlux, the global leader in lighting, product innovation, manufacturing and creative solutions, introduces SlimBar with LEDs specifically designed for cool operating environments while reducing the loss of perishable goods and increasing energy savings on compressor cooling.

“Our new SlimBar LED achieves robust, uniform levels of crisp white light and higher illuminance mixed with lower operating costs and energy consumption,” stated Amerlux CEO/President Chuck Campagna. “The LED horizontal fixture creates eye-catching displays in grocers’ refrigerator cases that appeal to shoppers while impacting sales significantly and achieving ROI expeditiously.”

Offered in a cool, clean architectural design at just 23.3 millimeters (less than an inch) in width, the SlimBar is constructed with a durable anodized aluminum housing that resists damage and displacement during installation and restocking of merchandise.

High output .5-watt LEDs yield maximum efficiency, high CRI and consistent color, using just 6.5 watts per foot. Additional LEDs can be specified per foot for greater lumen output. SlimBar is available in 2800K, 3500K and 4100K correlated color temperatures (CCTs).

A frosted polycarbonate lens is included for 120-degree light distribution. Also available is a polycarbonate lens that offers 30-, 45- and 120-degree beam spreads, providing the precise amount of light needed for illuminating various displays.

Damp location-listed, the SlimBar LED is hard-wired and operates on low voltage 24v systems with a remote driver. Additional drivers are offered, including a NEMA enclosure.

The unit attaches easily with flat, metal and magnetic clips for fixed mounting, as well as a Roto Clip for adjustable mounting.
The low profile fixture is available in four lengths: 46 inches for a four-foot case; 66 inches for a six-foot case; 92 inches (two 46″ units) for an 8-foot case; and 132 inches (two 66″ units) for a 12-foot case.

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