Jul 202014
Cree XP-G LED,
42 Natural white cree XP-G-R5 LEDs,
VF: 42-46V,
IF: 2100~4500mA,
200 watt,

200w White Cree XP-G LED,
42 XP-G-R5 LEDs,
lumen: 10000~20706lm,
Natural white
VF: 42-46V,
IF: 2100~4500mA,
Power: 200 watt,
PCB dimension: 82*66*3mm,

Cree XLamp XP-G LED Description

Optimized for high lumen directional lighting applications, the XLamp XP-G LED set a new standard for light output and efficacy in a small form factor LED. The XLamp XP-G LED is capable of delivering up to 493 lumens at 93 lumens per watt when driven at 1.5 A. Others have tried to match its performance but no one has come close. Now, the XLamp XP-G LED is even brighter. Available in higher flux bins, the XLamp XP-G is the first LED with over 10,000 hrs of LM-80 long-term testing data, a TM-21 Reported Lifetime of greater than 60,000 hrs, and it is still raising the bar for LED performance.


  • Size (mm x mm) 3.45 x 3.45
  • Maximum drive current (A) 1.5
  • Maximum power (W) 4.9
  • Light output Up to 493 lm @ 4.9 W
  • Typical forward voltage @ 0.35 A (V) 2.9
  • Viewing angle (degrees) 125
  • Binning ANSI
  • Thermal resistance (°C/W) 4
  • Reflow-solderable Yes – JEDEC J-STD-020C-compatible
  • RoHS and REACH-compliant Yes
  • UL-recognized-component Yes – Level 4 Enclosure Consideration


  • Directional
  • Low- & High-Bay
  • Roadway & Parking
  • High-End Portable

Cree XLamp XP-G LED datasheet
Cree XP Family Binning & Labeling

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: 200w White Cree XP-G LED

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