Apr 082014
IR LED Controller,
Music LED Controller,
sound control mode,
DC 12~24V,
3 channels, 6A/Ch,
common anode.

Downlaod User Guide

Product Description

20 Key infrared Music LED controller adopts the advanced micro control unit. It is used for controlling a variety of LED lamp. For instance, point-source light, flexible strip light, wall washer light, glass curtain wall light and so on; it has many advantages such as low cost, convenient connection and ease of use. Meanwhile you could adjust brightness, static colors and color changing effects via infrared remote control. When it is in sound-control mode, the colors will change with the music rhythm.

Technical Parameters

  • Working temperature: -20°C~60°C
  • Input voltage: DC12-24V
  • Output: 3 channels
  • Connecting mode: Common anode
  • External dimension: L163.5*W82.5*H25 mm
  • Packing size: L210*W165*H55 mm
  • Net weight: 500g
  • Gross weight: 600g
  • Static power consumption: <1 W
  • Output current: <6 A (each channel)
  • Output power: <216W

Price:$44.99 Special Price:$43.00
Special Expires on: May 8, 2014

Buy at KiwiLighting.com: 20-Key Infrared Music LED Controller 3-channel 6A/Ch common-anode

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