Apr 282014

LED Emitter,
10 watt, 1000lm,
9v~11v, 900mA,
60°/100°/120° lens,10w High Power LED Emitter with Lens

  • Lumen: 1000lm
  • Emitted Color: warm white 3000K ~ 4000K, cool white 6000K ~ 7000K,
  • VF: 9v~11v
  • IF: 900mA
  • Power: 10 watt
  • LED amount: 9 LEDs
  • Viewing Angle: 60 Degree/100 Degree/120 Degree

Buy at KiwiLighting.com: 10w High Power LED Emitter with 60°/100°/120°-Lens cool/warm-white 1000lm 9v~11v 900mA

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